Thursday, September 09, 2010


Sarah Whitmire of Soul Journaling asked this question just now: "If you woke up tomorrow morning and your world was perfect, what would it look like?"

I would wake up around 8:30.  Get coffee and go out on the porch or to a chair by the window in the cold or rainy weather. After the first cup, some stretching and moving, then breakfast, also on the porch or by the window.

Around 9:30, work time.  I would set my schedule for the day then write up client responses, make client phone calls, take care of online classroom things, and do all the general business things on my list.

Around 2, lunch.  Probably back outside or at the window.  After lunch I would finish up any client/student related things.  Then, writing or art time, depending on my preference that day.  Writing time might involve going to a cafe some days.

Around 6, exercise.  Dancing of some sort--ballet or jazz or bellydance depending on my mood.

Around 7--get dinner started. (Dinner around 8) While dinner is cooking, wrap up any final e-mails and student/client business for the day.  One or two nights a week I would have an in person class to teach, so the evening would be filled with that from around 7-9.

After 9, reading, chatting with my sweetie, playing with the kitties, getting ready for bed.

And the next day, more of the same with slight variations depending on that day's focus.

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