Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Intentions

Andrea at ABCcreativity is doing a weekly intention, and I've decided to join in more publicly.  I've been doing them on Twitter, although I don't remember every week, so I'm going to hop aboard with Andrea and see what happens.

This week is going to be about clearing the way and smoothing my path.  I have some things that are disorganized in a way that's really creating stumbling blocks, so I'm going to get a start on removing them

  • Clear the pile of stuff from the side of my work desk so I am not constantly tripping on it and can stop having to work around it
  • Gather all the stray, partially started or filled notebooks and folders from everywhere I have them stashed and get them all in one place to prepare for consolidating all that info
  • Clear out old clothes that don't fit so I can actually reach in my closet or dresser and always pull out something I know I can wear
  • Move all of my jewelry and scarves into the little red dresser so everything is in one place and easy to find when I'm getting dressed so I don't always have to go without my cool accessories because I can't find them
I think this is a good starting point. This may take longer than a week, but this week I intend to get started on all of these.


andrea said...

you can do it!!!

Yolanda Alejandre said...

Wow what a great intention of tasks kind of motivates me w/my pile and box. I hope your weekly intention so far has been fulfilled in as much as it can be by this point and I hope you continue to have a great week. See you next week and look forward to reading your intention.

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