100 Dreams

100 Things I Want to Do, Be or Have
Based on the ideas at ABCcreativity
This list will grow as I think of things to add.

  1. I want to be a regular, prolific writer and novelist
  2. I want to be a published novelist
  3. I want to be a successful creativity coach and teacher
  4. I want to go on long nature walks and hikes and adventures
  5. I want to be a belly dancer
  6. I want to be a photographer
  7. I want a digital SLR camera
  8. I want to quit my day job
  9. I want to paint multimedia paintings
  10. I want to make art quilts
  11. I want to make clothes
  12. I want to go to England
  13. I want to travel through Europe
  14. I want to see Loch Ness
  15. I want to own my own house
  16. I want to have a clean, organized, comfortable, beautiful house
  17. Finish Ordinary Girl
  18. Finish Blood of the Mist
  19. Learn to play the tin whistle
  20. Lose weight and get strong and healthy and pain free
  21. Clean and organize my studio and make it cozy and appealing and welcoming
  22. Get my finances in order & get a savings account built up
  23. I want a great wardrobe--colorful, eclectic, attractive, flattering, and very, very "me"
  24. I want to visit Vancouver, B.C. and spend time with my friends from there
  25. I want to see New York City
  26. I want to visit Southern California
  27. Meditate and pray and have a regular spiritual practice
  28. Write in cafes--frequently!
  29. Build a regular writing practice a la Natalie Goldberg
  30. Learn (re-learn) French
  31. Travel to places where I can use my French

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