52 Stories

This page is where I'll be posting the links to my 52 Stories writings.  These are all first drafts, with little to no editing done (just the basic clean-up I can't stop doing as I type in my handwritten words).  I am posting these because I'm trying to rebuild a good, solid, consistent writing habit along with building some confidence in myself as a writer.

Because these are first drafts and therefore not meant to be good yet, and because I am working on building my confidence, I have turned off comments on this page.  The stories will be in PDF format, so there won't be any place for comments there.  I am not at the point in my writing life or with these stories where critique would be welcome or useful, so that's why there are no comment spaces.  You can always leave a comment on one of my posts on the main blog page here or contact me via one of the links in my sidebar.

I'm also doing it this was a something of a recreation of the wonderful writers' group I was part of in the mid-to-late 90s.  We almost always brought first drafts to read out loud to each other, and we offered comments on what we liked in the stories that were read but left the critique for when it was specifically asked for.  It was a great way to build a writing habit and confidence, and I really do miss that group.  

All work linked to through this page is copyright © Kim Switzer .  Please feel free to share the links but not the stories (a short excerpt is fine).  Thank you!

Week 1: This Means War
Week 2: Synchronicity or Spirits in the Material World 
Week 3: The Woods are Lovely 
Week 4: Sleeping Your Life Away  
Week 5: And So It Begins
Week 6: Out of the Woods 
Week 7: Turncoat 
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