Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wow.  This round of ROW80 has gone by so quickly!  I can't believe this is the final check-in, but here it is.

These were my goals at the beginning of the round:
  • Write* at least 15 minutes each weekday; weekends are optional
  • Participate in the ROW80 Twitter discussions and use bookending techniques there to help me stay on task
  • Read and comment on blogs each check-in, even if I only have time for one or two.
The writing part of this morphed, especially after I started doing 52 Stories. I have been getting writing done every week, so that's good, but I never hit the consistency I was looking for.  I'm still not sure what a good rhythm is for me.   But I'm writing!  So I'm happy.

I really bombed on participating in discussions and commenting on blogs.  I've had so much going on* since the beginning of the year, and I just didn't have the focus I needed to do this.  I also found that the bookending didn't do anything for me, so I stopped doing that, but that was a conscious decision so I don't consider that a negative at all.

*The quick summary  of "so much going on" is that I've been writing--at the end of this round I have six short story rough drafts posted (working on this week's now, but it isn't ready yet so can't be counted in this round).  I also finished my Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching (TM) class and am working on the final bits for my certification.  I've created and planned my first teleclass, Midsummer's Muse, which I'll be presenting tomorrow night (it's free, and you're all invited to sign up if you want to come play!).  I've been working on the planning for the Time Travelers' Ball and Exposition.  I've been participating in Lisa Sonora Beam's Creative + Practice and Liz Lamoreux's Inner Excavate-along.  It's been really busy around here since February, so I understand why I had trouble keeping up with checking blogs and such.  But I really hope to do better next round.

Stay tuned for this week's story to get posted either tomorrow or Friday (probably Friday).  Thanks so much for all the support!  See you all next round.


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

Wow, Kim! You've been a busy creative being! Congrats on not only keeping your writing goal but exceeding it! I know what you mean about following blogs, I'd always like to read more but after a day at the wheel or in the studio, I'm too tired.

What is bookending?

Kim Switzer said...

Thanks, Susan! And it really is hard to keep up with all the cool stuff out there, isn't it?

Bookending is when you announce--usually on Twitter--that you're about to do such-and-such work like write for 30 minutes, etc. Then when you reach the end of your time slot, you hop back on and announce what you accomplished.

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