Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crashing Waves

My ROW80 check-in.  Not much to report again...

The past two weeks have been too hectic, and I am feeling swamped.  I'm going under! 

Okay, it's not quite that drastic, at least not anymore.  Finally, today, I feel like things have slowed down, but I still have things to do yet I am feeling wrung out and exhausted.  Last week was crazy, so my 52 Stories piece got pushed to the weekend, and the weekend was busy, and now I'm not finished with this week's story... And then the (finally resolved) e-mail fiasco that took two full days to straighten out. Eek!  I need to breathe! 

I have to remind myself--balance is an activity.  It is something you do.  So there will be swings from one direction to the other, and sometimes they are big swings and take me too far into chaos or stagnation.  But I always get to move out of those places and back toward that center.  Now, today, is a day for me to do some of that.  Some breathing.  Some playing.  Some setting things aside for later, when I have a bit more focus and clarity for them.  They will be better and things will go more smoothly if I take this time.

I actually do have a story started for this week.  It's one I started at the beginning of my 52 Stories journey, and I am finally feeling like working on it.  I think I know what to do with it.  We'll see.  I may work on that later, but there's a good chance I won't touch it until tomorrow.

Today, I need something a little more introspective and meditative.  This is what I want to work on today:
  • Reading and taking a photo for the Inner Excavate-along
  • Reading and maybe adding some journal images for Creative + Practice
  • Putting gesso on the pages of the travel journal I made for my vacation next month
I think I will also drink some tea and watch NCIS reruns while I work.  Because for some reason, NCIS in the background relaxes me and makes me feel like I'm safe with friends--it's like comfort food for my brain!

That's my check-in and my plan.  I think I'm going to go work on those journal pages right now.


Nicole Rivera said...

I have about three different stories for 52stories started, and not a one finished! I've decided to set a deadline for myself in revising and editing my novel and I hope, that in that work I find all the spaces of the day where my writing fits again. I've been in that silly place of mind where I've been thinking I've been "too busy to write" for no good reason at all!
Best of luck and enjoy your NCIS!!

Kim Switzer said...

Nicole, I know that place very well! I hope you find your way out of it very soon--I don't like visits there. It's worse than the dentist! :)

Good luck with the novel work and with finding your spaces.

Tia Bach said...

Kim, hope the tea and NCIS worked. I hate technology issues, makes me crazy. Speaking of emails, I had sent you one last night that I don't think you received. I resent today (and a new one). Hope you start getting them.

ROW80 cheers. Can't believe Round 2 is over. I have high hopes for Round 3 and new goals to put into action (thanks to you!).

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