Sunday, June 10, 2012

In Briefs

Or in brief.  Whichever you prefer.  I'm very tired today, so there's no promise that I'm actually going to be sensible.  But I didn't want to miss my ROW80 check-in, so here I am.

My real check-in was in a post I wrote yesterday.  I had a lot to say, so I wrote it all down then.  I had some big aha! moments this past week, and I had to get it all down.  Basically, this is what I learned this week:
  1. I can write even when life is rough and I'm unmotivated and resistant.
  2. Practice is built from perseverance, not perfection and sticking exactly to a schedule.
  3. I am a writer, and I don't work well in the early morning; I work best in the afternoon and early evening.
A major accomplishment this week: even though it was a rough week, and even though it was later than I normally like, I finished my short story and got it posted.  This is huge, because in the past a week like this one (nothing big happened, but there were a lot of smaller bumps and thumps in the road) would have made me quit.  This week, I was slow, and I struggled, but I still got it done!

A few links to things I'm participating in right now or getting ready to jump in on.  These are what led me to my breakthroughs this week:
This week, I will check in on more than two blogs (which seems to be where I've stalled out over the last several check-ins).  And I will get another story done.  Because I am a writer, and that's what I do.

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