Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time and Creativity

Time.  I never give myself enough.  I procrastinate and wait until the last minutes to do a project, so then I have to use quick techniques.  I never give myself the time and space I need to learn and use the techniques I really want to know, to create the art I really want to make.  Why?

This is something I need to look at closely.  More than that, I need to *do* something about it.  My relationship with time, the way I don't use it, the way I not only avoid things I want to do but also things I *do* want to do.  Again, why?  I'm not sure. But I am very clear right now that it needs to be addressed deeply and fully.  So, here I am, getting it started.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Soooo with you here, Hun. Have been writing about my battles with time awell over the past week. Looking forward to reading more about your 'insights' and how you intend to tackle them.
Hugs xx

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