Thursday, June 03, 2010


Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons class started on Sunday.  I was sick all weekend--still have a pretty bad sore throat although it's finally getting better--so I'm just delving into all the wonderful material today.

I wanted to write a bit about why I almost didn't take this class.  Part of it was money; at first I just didn't have it, but then a bit of good luck last week made that a non-issue.  But a big part of why I hesitated was an idea that I shouldn't need the class.  I felt that I've been slacking on my business, on my creative work, on life in general, and I was angry with myself.  I thought I should already know how to do all the things Kelly is going to teach us or that I should be able to figure it out or find the information on my own.  I guess I thought I didn't deserve to take the class because I should have done more, been more, accomplished more by now.

Then someone I didn't know on Twitter--we started a conversation because of Flying Lessons--said to me, "Wow does that mean you now have a clear idea where you are heading?"  I stopped dead.  I read it again.  I went away and thought about it.  I came back and read that again.  I knew the answer.  I have some idea where I'm heading, but I have very little clue about the exact steps to take to get there.  I also somehow realized right then that where I am right now is okay.  There's no actual reason why I should already know this stuff.  But it's stuff I really want to know, stuff I think will be really helpful.  And I deserve all the help I can find to reach my goals.  So many realizations from one small comment!

So.  Here I am in the first week of class, panicking a little because I'm already behind.  And having a hard time settling down to do what I need to do.  But in the first lesson, Kelly said she hopes we're celebrating taking the class, making this investment in ourselves.

Yeah, it is a celebration.  This is a nice long stretch of the road on the way to my dreams!  So, to help me settle my mind and get started, and to celebrate this step, I made a journal for my class notes.  I used a Moleskine Cahier with a cardboard kraft cover, and I glued and stamped and wrote on it.  I created three rectangles on the back for something in the future--don't know what yet--but here's my Flying Journal:

And now I see the runway is clear before me.  Time for me to take off!


ABCcreativity said...

kim this is so wonderful. i am excited to see what you do next.

Jo said...

I'm sooooo pleased you have joined us, Kim, and responded to that gentle 'nudge'. You clearly have something exceedingly special to share, which deserves to be celebrated and properly committed to.
But I was soooo sad to read that you've been poorly. Have been scanning through the lengthy stream of comments hoping to find you, so was beginning to be a little worried. To be honest, the material is exceedingly rich that its going to take all of us a while to properly digest it, so please don't feel unduly concerned. Robin Norgren (another flyer) describes it as 'drinking from a fire hydrant' - very apt!!!
Well take care, hunnie, and get well soon.
Big hugs
Jo xxx (Tangelfrost!)

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