Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

I know, two posts in one day!  Crazy, right?  Still, today is Wishcasting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios, and I've been wanting to do this for a while.  Last week, I finally did a Full Moon Dreamboard (you can see that over at the MuseCraft blog).  This week, Wishcasting.

The question this week is "What rules do you wish to make or break?"

Wow.  My mind flooded with answers as soon as I read this one.  I'm trying to catch them all, make some sense of it.  I don't think that's going to happen. So, here are a few of my answers.

Rules I Want to Make:

  • I get to have clothes I really like even though I'm a plus size
  • I get to eat good, enjoyable food without guilt
  • I don't have to eat diet, frozen, yucky foods I don't like
  • I get to be beautiful and feel sexy and beautiful and not have it tied up with my weight or clothing size, age, or anything else
  • I get to use my vacation time for me and not feel guilty about leaving J alone in the office
  • I get to have as many books and art supplies as I want

Rules I Want to Break:

  • Heavy people have to wear black or other dark and dull clothes
  • Heavy people don't get to eat dessert at restaurants
  • Heavy people don't get to dress or be sexy
  • Heavy people must dislike themselves and want to change themselves
  • Only "real" artists get to paint and make art
  • I must do everything right and know how to do it right before I start


Anonymous said...

As Kim wishes for herself, I wish for her also!

mami pea said...

Kim BREAK the rules, you don't have to wear black, and eat dessert first at a restaurant! As Kim wishes for herself, I wish, with all my heart for her!

mami pea said...

I wished for you once, but not sure if it showed up, so I will wish for you again, with all my heart.

Ginny said...

Definitely break all the rules. Bring out those colors in your clothes and your art work. Be the person you are and have fun. As Kim wishes for herself, I wish for her as well.

ABCcreativity said...

oh SISTER i am with you!
(i am plus size, and just bought myself a fancy new sewing machine and am making my dream clothes!)

as kim wishes for herself, i wish for her also.

Kim Switzer said...

I just found your ABCcreativity site this week(and signed up for the Creative Dreamer class), so it's really cool to hear from you here.

I'm so glad you're making your dream clothes! The world needs more dreams and more color. I am also learning to make clothes-- a great friend is teaching me and is helping me find the color and joy in my clothing that I find in my art. Have fun!

Ange said...

Amen to that one Kim! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

As Kim wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Yolanda Alejandre said...

Amen Sister, I will break those rules along w/you. As Kim wishes for herself, I also wish for her w/all of me.

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