Monday, April 26, 2010

Explorations in Thriving

As I mentioned last week, I'm about to start an ongoing project here.  It's about caring deeply for my self and my Muse and my creative dreams.  This is going to involve taking care of my physical self, my emotional self, my spiritual self.  And, of course, my creative self.

It's also going to be about bento, because bento really helped me move from thinking about how I could make my life easier and smooth my creative path to actually getting started.  I've only been doing it for a week, although I started learning about it around six months ago due to a wonderful friend who is further along the bento path.

That's all I have to say for now.  Just a heads up on what I'm starting here.  If you want to follow along with all the posts at any time, I'll be using the label "thrive" for this.

Until the next post, here's a photo of today's lunch.  My first bento photo!  I'll try to keep it down to one or two a week, but it's awfully fun and exciting, so I make no promises.


Miss Bitty said...

Wow, how did I forget to comment on this when I first saw it??? Well I'm glad I came back to look for more (even though I ended up getting sidetracked reading all your other more recent posts...that's a good kind of side-tracked) so I could say:

Great, great job on your bento packing there! Lots of color, packed nice and tight, nutritionally dense and no space wasted to junky, empty calories. Bet it was yummy and quite a treat. Really hope you'll post more of your lunches, I love that you've got into bento, too, and I feel kind of proud for sparking that new obsession. ;)

Miss Bitty (aka Brittney ;)

Kim Switzer said...

Thank you! I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. I need to do some more experimenting--I tend to put things in the same sort of configurations, and I don't want to get myself stuck in a rut. I will try to remember to take pictures--I am working on remembering to pack my lunch earlier in the evening rather than right before bed when I suddenly remember that I didn't do it. :)

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