Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo Contemplations

Last year, sometime in the autumn, I discovered photowalks.  I've been quite captivated but also quite intimidated.  Physically, my capacity for walking is very low, so I know I'm not up to joining a bigger photowalk.  But I've also been out of practice with my photography for years.  Oh sure, I take pictures all the time. But I haven't really practiced photography in ages, and I've never really learned my digital camera.  I mostly just fiddle with buttons and settings until I get pictures that seem to work out.  Sometimes, they don't work out as well as I'd like, and I always tell myself I need to actually learn the camera.  But it hasn't happened yet.  So, I'm not feeling confident about my photography skills.  Add all of that together and it means that for the past few months I've been daydreaming about photowalks but haven't even gone out to do a short one around my own block.

So why am I writing about nothing?  I haven't actually gone out taking photos, so really I am writing about nothing.  I'm doing it because I think that going public with my intention might just get me to do it already! As a matter of fact, I have something of a small plan in place for Doing It Already.  Tomorrow, I have to take my car to get new brakes. While the car is in the shop, I am going to go somewhere with my camera.  Where?  Not sure. I will probably take the bus down to St. Johns, have a bit of lunch, and wander with the camera.  Look here next week for a post with pictures!  And try not to faint from the excitement...

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