Monday, January 11, 2010


I just reminded myself of something I really do know but managed to forget...take photos during the process of creating a collage. I had a collage for my three 2010 words (remember them? Create. Thrive. Explore.) I really liked it, but I felt it needed a wash over it to sort of pull everything together. I didn't photograph it before doing the wash. The wash is a really nice brown ink watered down (Daler & Rowney FW Acrylic Ink in Burnt Umber). But it really didn't belong on this collage. It darkened it too much. The colors are too subdued now, not giving me the vibrant energy I wanted for my piece. I will do another piece, a different piece, and I'm sure it will be good. But I really wish I had photographed this one before doing the ink wash. At least then I could have done a printout of the more colorful version. Ah well. Live and learn. And explore!

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