Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tooling along

Yesterday, I was short on my daily goal by just under 500 words. I just couldn't quite get in the swing of things just couldn't manage to get that last little bit written. Today was better, although I couldn't get up to speed. My highest word count for a 15 minute word war was 400 words. But at least I hit my goal today, so who cares if I was slow?

I am getting so close to my 50,000 words now! I am at 43,125. I think I will hit 50K by the end of Wednesday. The story won't be quite finished, but it will be close. I just have to find some way this time of pushing myself and actually finishing the story after November ends. And I have to find the way to keep myself writing regularly, finishing stories, editing, doing all the things I need to do to reach my dream of being a published author. I am worried about whether or not I will manage. Not finishing has been my weakness for so many years, in more than just my writing. But these are plans to make after I reach 50K. I will write much about it after November.

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