Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Day Ever!

Today I wrote over 5,000 words! Hurray! I am very pleased with this. I set myself the 5K goal for today, but I was really nervous about whether or not I could reach it. I'm doubly happy because, even though I had a very low day Wednesday and didn't write anything yesterday, I am now over 1,000 words past today's minimum. I am planning to write 2,000 tomorrow and Sunday. I'm going to try to reach 50K by Thursday. Since I am writing by hand, I have to have Matthew send an e-mail to one of the NaNo administrators verifying that I wrote all 50K words, and then I get my winner status. So, I have to write 1,765 words each day for the next six days to win. I am planning to do at least 2K each day just to be safe.

In another twist of events, my main character decided to take a jaunt to England and take a bunch of other characters with her. She really is turning out to be a lot of fun. I'm really getting to like her. I'm glad I have three story ideas for her so I can stick with her for a while.

Really tired now, and I still need to exercise. More reports tomorrow.


Chrissy said...

You're writing your novel by hand?! Wow! Congrats!

(I found your blog through the 15 minute word wars, and now I'm reading it instead of finishing my novel. Isn't November grand?)

Good luck! See you at the finish line!

Kim said...

Thanks! Good luck to you, too!

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