Thursday, November 15, 2007

Slogging along

My brain is frozen. I'm in a stupor. I want to play games and read and watch tv and sleep. I do not want to write right now. But I have word count that needs adding to. I have only written about 800 words today. I need more words. I don't want to write them. But if I don't write more today I'll be even further behind, and my plans for catching up have been going so well this week. And I must remind myself that tomorrow is our anniversary, so I will only get in whatever writing time is available to me at work. By the time we get home from having dinner out, it will be late, and I know I will be too tired to string any comprehensible sentences together. So I need to write. Right now. Why am I not writing? See the beginning of this post...Maybe if I have some dinner (it is nearly ready after all) and then take a shower I will feel like writing. Of course, then it will be nine o'clock. But I should still be alert enough, especially after a shower, to get in more words. But I need a lot more words to make my 2200 today. Maybe today I will just do the regular daily total of 1667. In that case, I'm already half-way there. Maybe I should stop making excuses and pull my notebook out and write.

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