Friday, November 16, 2007

Words and numbers

After my rough day yesterday, today was really great. I wrote 2300+ words today. I am still behind, but I am catching up. I just did the math--if I write 7,763 words over the next two days, I will be right on target at the end of Sunday. That's 3,882 words each day. It's a high count, but it's do-able. I know I did a couple of days like that last year. So far this year my highest day was 3,178 words. But I really can do this. I will have to really focus and not let myself do much of anything else, including things like dishes and cooking. But that's okay.

I just did a little more math...if I do the 15 minute word wars this weekend, I will need about eight or nine of them each day. That's not so bad. If I keep the schedule tight, I can do three an hour, so I could get that word count in three hours. Being realistic though, it will probably take closer to four hours. Still, that's not bad at all. I might even manage to do some of those dishes.

Before I start writing tomorrow, I do need to do a little planning. I need to work up a map of the Citadel in my story. But I have most of it figured out, so I don't think that will take even an hour, and I can do that in the morning while I'm having coffee and finishing waking up.

Now I'm going to catch up on sleep so I can catch up on my word count over the weekend.

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