Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rolling Along

Time for the Sunday ROW80 check-in.  And I have lots to report--it's kind of exciting.

Since Wednesday:
  • Read and commented on several ROW80 compatriots' blogs
  • Wrote an outline/synopsis of my 52 Stories piece for next week
  • Wrote the opening scene to this week's story
  • Did quite a bit of journaling and a couple of blog posts
  • Started writing the info pages for two upcoming projects for my coaching business
I'm feeling quite satisfied with this list.  I'm feeling like I got a lot done, and I don't feel overwhelmed or like this pace will be hard to keep up.  I proclaim this week a success!  On to the next one.


Shah Wharton said...

Good for you for being so productive and fulfilling your goals. X

Eden Mabee said...

Awesome news, Kim. Especially since success brings on more success... Glad you are doing the #52Stories too. Will you be posting all of them?

Kim Switzer said...

Thanks, Shah! It's feeling pretty good.

Eden, I'm hoping to get on a success roll! :D Yes, I will be posting the rough drafts of all the stories. I'm posting them with the Wednesday check-ins and also on the 52 Stories page I made here on the blog.

KM Huber said...

Hooray for such a productive last week and hope this current one has been what you want it to be. As you so accurately say, the key is not to be over or underwhelmed with writing. Pace is so much in writing.

Best of luck,

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