Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday--Sunny and Introspective

With a chance of writing...

It's ROW80 check-in day.  Two weeks in, and I'm feeling pretty good about this round.  I feel like I am learning again the pleasure of playing with words and story ideas and not worrying about finishing by a certain date.  I am learning to enjoy the process, and I think that will make me a happier writer, which will probably help me actually finish a story.

So, the details. 

Writing:  I wrote four times this week.  I may get in a bit of writing tonight still, but I'm recovering from a migraine so I'm pretty tired and may just go to sleep early.  Based on how these first two weeks have gone, I'm going to change my writing goal.  Instead of writing on weekdays with weekends optional, I'm going to set my goal as writing at least five days a week.

Twitter:  I remembered to do the bookending, but I didn't do much chatting and participating this week.    For the coming week, I might set myself some reminders.

Blog reading:  I only read and commented on two blogs this time.  I was really busy with class work and also really didn't use my time well the past few days.

So, not too bad this time, but I'm looking for a more focused week coming up.


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Congrats on enjoying the writing again :)

Kim Switzer said...

Thanks, Ruthie!

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