Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gone Surfing!

Okay, not really.  But inside my head, I'm someplace warm and sunny, with blue water, beaches, and surfers.  Of course, in my head it's also July, because it's 58 degrees in Santa Monica right now, but it's my fantasy, right?

While I'm waiting for the weather to warm up, here's a ROW80 check-in.

My goals:
  • Write at least 15 minutes each weekday; weekends are optional
  • Participate in the ROW80 Twitter discussions and use bookending techniques there to help me stay on task
  • Read and comment on blogs each check-in, even if I only have time for one or two.
I wrote Sunday night and Monday.  Last night I was tired after a lot of work for my coaching class, and my ongoing headache really kicked up, so I chose to go to bed a little early and didn't write.  And I feel fine about that.  I'm itching to get back to it, though, so I already told my boyfriend that tonight is freezer food night (when we raid the freezer and pantry for whatever we feel like scrounging together to eat).  I'm going to have a nice, long chunk of time to pile up pillows, cover my feet in warm blankies, and just write as much as I want!

I have been so-so on the Twitter and bookending.  I did participate in the Throwback Party on Twitter last Wednesday, and I've posted a few times, but I keep forgetting that I mean to do the bookending.  I want to push for that a little more in case, down the road, I'm struggling to get to my writing.  Having the habit of checking in where people will be watching will be very useful then.

I have read and commented on several blogs, so that's all good.

That's about it.  I'm going back to my California dreaming now until it's time for class in a few hours.  See you later!


Eden Mabee said...

You're completely entitled to have some sunshine and surf dreams, Kim. Enjoy them and all the good stuff. Yes, some days we don't achieve everything... You're making steady progress with class and work. It really is, as you say, all good.

Dahnya Och said...

Morning Kim! Here in Seattle we had a nice Easter weekend where it almost hit 55! I was in sandals and short sleeved shirts. My East-Coast-living past self would have been so rolling her eyes...

I have pounced on the link you posted to bookending and I think it might be great to get me moving! I don't know if I'll find anyone to do it with me (what's with a bunch of the Twitter writers being EST or CST? Seriously) but I'll find a way.

You keep dreaming about warm weather and hitting those goals!

Kim Switzer said...

Thank you, Eden! :)

Dahnya, I'm in Portland. We should make a plan. What time do you like to write?

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