Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did You Hear That?

That's the sonic boom of my life flying by! 

It's busy around here.  And now it really is Sunday.  Again.  Time for a ROW80 check-in.  Time is going so fast right now, I think I feel my head spinning.

Not a lot to report this time around.  I did a lot of writing this week, but most of it was for my class.  And, but that is for meditative mind clearing (very helpful--you should try it!).  I did work on my novel this week, so that wasn't a bust.  There just wasn't enough time or focus/energy to fit in five sessions, and for the next few weeks that may happen sometimes.  I was deeply involved in class work, though, so I can't say I regret missing a couple of writing sessions.

I did check in on some blogs again, so that's good.  I did a little bit on Twitter, so that's improving.

Overall, even though I didn't hit my goal of five fiction writing sessions, I'm feeling like this week was a win.  I got so much good stuff done for my class, and I got so much clarity from the meditative writing that I'm feeling great.  I'm feeling really upbeat about my writing and my coaching work and about living the life I really want.  It was a really good week, and I'm sticking with that!


Julie Glover said...

Sounds like a good week, Kim! You got a lot done. Best wishes getting more time with the fiction, but the other progress seems important and you're writing, writing, writing -- which is great! Have a wonderful ROW80 week.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Hey - at least your writing - and any writing is forward momentum! What class are you taking?

Kim Switzer said...

Julie, thanks for the good wishes.

Ruthie, yep, writing is good. Keeps the words flowing. I am working on my Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching certification.

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