Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Checks, No Balance

Busy.  Very.  Writing?  What?  No.  Well, yes.  But writing for class work and that sort of thing.  The past five days (more?) my novel has languished.

I am tired!
ROW80 check-in: I didn't check in on anyone's blog (sorry, you guys!) this time around.  I didn't do anything on Twitter, either, other than sharing the link to my last post.  I have been busy, and now I'm tired and overwhelmed. 

Tonight after my class, I am taking some time to unwind.  I have work to do, but I'm going to make it wait.  I'm going to have a shower and then do a little writing, and then I'm going to read.  A novel.  Not anything related to my class or writing or any sort of non-fiction. 

And tomorrow and Friday I'm going to give myself some time and go read some blogs!

See you all Sunday.

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