Wednesday, February 01, 2012

ROW-ing Down the Stream of Consciousness

And steering with my whimsy rudder...

Don't mind me--I'm a little dinghy today.

 It's time for the mid-week ROW80 check-in.  How is it that we're already a month in?  What have I done with my time!

I've actually done a lot.  I'm still wrestling with giving myself credit for writing activities that aren't actual words added to a story.  I know perfectly well that all of this is necessary writing stuff.  I would never tell anyone else that their work doesn't count.  And yet when it comes to giving myself credit, I am Scrooge!

This week so far has been about writing my newsletter article (which went out with a typo--"knew" instead of "new"--and I'm so embarrassed even though I know it happens to the best of us!).  I've also been doing a lot of journaling, and that has been illuminating and wildly useful this week.  Journaling is always good, makes me feel calmer and clear headed, but this week has been fantastic.

Because of my journal work, I've rearranged my desk space at work, set things up so I don't have to have a browser window open to listen to music--I don't even have to have the computer on if I really don't want to once my work is finished.  I've partially worked out an internet use schedule to limit my random browsing to keep my brain numb time online.  Today is Day 3 of the new system, and I am noticeably spending less random time on the internet.  It's not a perfected system yet, but it is already making a difference, and I'm very happy.

The rest of this week I'll be working to fine tune my internet use schedule and start marking off blocks of time for specific tasks like outline work, journaling, story prompts, etc. so I not only know that I want to do them, but I have a clearer image in my mind of when it will happen and how my day will shape up around those blocks.  I think this method will help me keep a clear mental picture of what I want to accomplish without feeling restrictive and persnickety, but I will have to see how it feels once I start trying it out.

I'm starting to work through Alexandra Sokoloff's Screenwriting Tricks For Authors (and Screenwriters!)
which I picked up over a year ago, started to read, and then set aside even though I was really liking it.  I don't know why I do that sort of thing so often, but I really end up depriving myself of good stuff that way.

I also wrote up another new story idea, although this one didn't come complete with an entire opening scene with dialogue like the last one did.  Still, the words are stirring and reviving, and I'm glad.

Exercise isn't happening right now.  I have a bad cold (including a sore throat and mouth sores--something I am plagued with), so I'm mostly feeling yucky and draggy and tired.  Lots of tea and reading for me.  Maybe some knitting.  Plenty of journaling.  Not much moving since I can't each much of anything so have no energy.  Hoping to shake this off soon and get some energy back.  I need energy to do stuff!  Or, you know, to get through my day.  Whichever comes first.

I think that's everything.  I also think all the sugary tea, lack of food, and cold medicine may have made me loopy, so I hope you'll excuse the goofy around here.  See you all on your blogs!


Anonymous said...

You have done a lot. We are our own worst critic. Good job on working on eliminating the distraction of the internet. I hope you start feeling better soon!

Ælfswyđ said...

Yay for figuring out schedule/organizing tips that seem to be working. I'm trying to be kinder to myself, too (which this week means deciding three nights in a row that I wasn't going to do things like dishes).

Get well soon!

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

I believe writing is writing. Writing feeds writing. It all counts. =)

You've done lots, for a sick person!

May you be up to snuff again before you read this!

Eden Mabee said...

As Ryan says: "We are our own worst critic". You're doing what you can. And really, it adds up. The baby steps add up faster than you can imagine. Or is it like that Rankin Rudolph cartoon where they get "Old Man Winter" singing "Just put one foot in front of the other"... You're getting there.

Jayrod Garrett said...

Cheers to figuring out your schedule! I'm working on the same thing right now. Hope you feel better soon too! And keep writing! :D

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Awww - feel better! *hugs* And I understand, I tend to be waaaay to hard on myself too.

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