Sunday, February 12, 2012

C Plus

When I was little, my uncle (my mother's brother) would visit frequently on the weekends.  My mother and my aunt would always make enough food for eighty people, and then they'd make more the next day.  Everyone would eat and eat, and at the end of the meal when everyone was sitting back in their chairs, sated, my uncle would proclaim, "C plus."  I asked him once why, when the food was always so good, he gave that grade.  He said, "That way, they will do their best next time, too, trying to top this.  If you give an 'A' there's nothing else to work for."

This week for my ROW80 goals, I really did earn a C+.  But it does leave me more to strive for in the coming week, right?

Last week:
  • I wrote four days, not five, but I'm happy that I did what I did.
  • I didn't exercise.  I think this week I need to rethink my plan there, because it's not working.
  • I did visit more blogs this week.
  • I didn't do any cleaning/organizing aside from the normal kitchen stuff
  • I did work more on my internet use schedule, and that went really well.  It seems to work better if I fiddle around on the internet during my lunch hour rather than directly after.  I seem to be able to shut it down and move on more easily for some reason, so I'm going to stick to that schedule this week to see if it's still working that way.

It's a little weird that this week finally felt like I was getting back on track.  I had a special project to work on at the office that took away some of my usual blogging/writing time.  I had a day where I was in the office alone and had to do both jobs instead of just my own.  My mother went back into the hospital because she has internal bleeding again.  I had a meeting after work Wednesday for an event I'm helping organize so had almost no time that day for anything of my own.  Sometimes it seems like I get more done when my schedule is busier.  Any of you ever notice that happening?  Anyhow...

For the coming week:
  • Write at least 15 minutes 5 days; make at least 3 of these fiction practice
  • Finish reading what I've written so far on Ordinary Girl
  • Figure out what I need to do to start exercising again
  • Clean/organize at least one area in the house
  • Visit at least 8 ROW-er blogs


Morgan Dragonwillow said...

How about we celebrate what works and be kind to ourselves about the rest. You wrote four days, Hooray! Woot Woot!

I hate the word exercise. If you want to get healthier, put on some fun music and dance in your living room. It's what I do. :D


Shan Jeniah Burton said...

Unschoolers don't do grades. =D

Did the writing you did bring you joy?

What exercise would put a grin on your face or soothe your stresses. I am very partial, these days, t'ai chi, swimming, and heaving and carrying firewood. And I have no guilt when I choose not to do them, because I do them for joy, first and foremost, or as meditation.

Working out what works for you is an accomplishment in itself. Some people never think to do that.

The ROW80 police aren't coming to your door. And, thankfully, at the moment, the Cleaning Police aren't coming to mine!

yikici said...

Shan's spot on with her comment "Working out what works for you is an accomplishment in itself. Some people never think to do that."

You need to be aware of what you actually achieve and under what circumstances -when you reflect like so, you will realise that sometimes you are just being a bit tough on yourself. From what you have written you have had a hectic week as well as an emotional one (hope your mum gets better soon); some weeks are just like that. Life happens -when that happens the best we can do is take it on the chin and do the best under the circumstances. You'll get there, you'll see. :)

Kim Switzer said...

I definitely am celebrating the writing I did, Morgan. (Shan--not sure if I would say "joy" but definitely satisfaction). But I'm trying to be honest with myself and acknowledge that I wasn't putting in very much effort. And I'd like to dig down and figure out what it is that keeps tripping me up and keeping me from putting in real effort for the things I truly want in my life. So I don't think my C+ is not being kind to myself. It's reminding myself that I want more for me. (Oh how I hope that makes some sense!)

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