Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm a Winner, Baby...

so why don't ya kiss me... With huge apologies to Beck for turning his cool song completely dorky and cheesy.  But I had to! See:

I suppose that's not actually enough of an ROW80 check-in, is it?  I guess I'll write something else here now.  But I had to get that out of the way first.

I ended up on this huge writing bender yesterday.  I had a hard time getting myself to stop so I could pack things up and go to my write-in.  After Monday's very slow, plodding progress, yesterday I flew through over 5,000 words in about 4.5 hours.  Except I write in 10 minute bursts with 5-10 minute breaks (depending on if I need to go get more tea or coffee or any other important things like that).  So it was a total of 4.5 hours of writing spurts mixed with breaks.  It was fast.

It was also fun, but it really threw me for a loop.  A couple of really cool new, very minor characters showed up. And I found out that my secondary antagonist is actually a nice guy who just can't help following his older sister's lead.  But he's not a bad guy, and that's going to change a few things.  This is good, actually.  It's going to add a lot later in the story.  But I wasn't expecting him to turn out this way.

I also think I'm going to end up way past 90,000 words on this first draft, because I'm at 50K and not at 55% as my little progress bar suggests.  That's okay.  It will be easier to trim later than add, I hope.

Monday I figured out how my ending is going to happen.  I knew what needed to happen but not how I could make it at all plausible.  Now I know how that's going to work.  And last night, I figured out how my MC is going to get to where she needs to be to make the ending happen.  This is kind of exciting!

Today, I need to write my newsletter.  And a guest post I promised a friend.  But I have my outlining materials sitting next to me to goad me on, because once I get the have-tos done, I get to play with these new ideas, these extra scenes that have cropped up, and all the rest of it and get them into some semblance of order so I can finally get to "the end."


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Congrats on NaNo! Dorky? You want to know Dorky? I never heard of the song until Weird Al included a portion of it in one of his parodies.. Alternative Polka I think? Hehe. Good job :)

Hunter Emkay said...

Congrats on WriMo. Being a dork of old, I hear ya.

Juliana said...

Awesome! Congrats on NaNo!

Tracy McCusker said...

Congratulations on winning NaNo, Kim! It's a little daunting to think that at 50k you're only 55% of the way done... but I'm completely of the mind that it's easier to put in more now, and strip it out later if it's material that can just be implied.

Whether it's now or at the end of the draft, I hope there's a tiny break ferreted away somewhere! My writing partner just finished up NaNo, and he's exhausted just thinking about his (also unfinished at 50k) draft. I'm kind of exhausted just thinking about you plunging ahead, but when you're inspired, you're inspired.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning - it's awesome isn't it!
I totally forgot to add my 'winner' badge to my blog *going back to add*
I love it when characters decide they want to do something not planned for them. It's like they have their own personalities!
Good luck on the rest of the novel - I'm so glad we have ROW80 to keep us writing!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Congratulations on the win! And I love all the last minute inspiration you got :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win!


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