Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Contract In Person

I decided I wanted a printed out, arted up contract to hang somewhere that I'll see it every day.  I'm debating whether that will be someplace at home so I'll see it on weekends, too, or if it will be here at work where I will see it most days for long periods of time.  In the end, I may do two so I can have them in both places.

Here's the one I did today.  If I do another, I'll probably share a photo of that later.

What you can't tell, even in person, but what is possibly my favorite part of this piece is that the background is a really cool, old wooden door.  It's like this contract is showing me the way to a door that is waiting for me to open it and step through. 

Edit:  I ended up not putting it on the cool background I had waiting at home because I was suddenly inspired to do it RIGHT NOW while I was sitting at my desk at work, so I just pulled out the supplies I keep on hand at work and did it with what I had on hand.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cool version of the contract, very personal.

Anonymous said...

I started the Artist's Way about 14 years ago. My life is so different because I engaged my artist. I hope you enjoy the process. Watch out world!

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