Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 11

This is Stumpy.  He's our Portland Region mascot. Isn't he great?

I won't lie.  I am behind on my word count.  Oddly, though, I'm not worried.  I'm going to settle down for a long writing session this afternoon, and I'm probably stopping in at a write-in this evening, so I'm probably going to give my word count a good boost today.  But I think that's not the major reason I'm not worried.  I think I'm not worried because, for the first time, I feel like I am a writer. I put these words and sentences together, I pour this story out onto the page, and I know that this is what I do.  I can do this.  I *do* do this. And what's more, I am feeling confident about my ability to finish this novel.  Not just reach 50,000 words but actually reach the end of the story. Not by November 30.  But I know that I really do know how to keep going and write until the end of the story.

What's my plan?
  • Write a beginning of the month post with my word count goal for that month and what I'll be working on (because someday, not too far from, now it will be revisions!)
  • Write update posts at least twice a week about what I've done on my goal that week (Thanks to my one of my writing buddies for this idea: The Crystalline Aerie)
  • Post these goals and updates to Twitter for my writing buddies to see
  • Write a wrap-up post at the end of the month (although there's the possibility that this one might be part of the goal setting posts instead of a separate post; we'll see)
 Obviously, this month my goal is 50,000 words (I'm at 13,149 right now).  Most months will probably be about  half of that. I think 25K words December will probably be quite a lot less because of the holiday craziness.

I plan to finish the first draft of my current NaNo novel--Chasing the Moon--by the end of January.  Then I'm going to set it aside for a resting period and work on Ordinary Girl, my 2006 NaNo novel that I never finished. I'm expecting that one to take 3-4 months.  After the first draft of OG is finished, I'll go back and start revisions on CtM, but since I've never gotten to the revision part of a novel, I don't know how long that will take, so I'm not going to try to schedule things any further out than that.

So, yeah.  There it is, that's my plan. Now, I'm going to go get some of those words written. I'll report on that later.

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