Friday, June 18, 2010


It's Friday.  I fully intended to write something for Fiction Friday today, but nothing is coming together. It's been a really full, hectic week, and today has been the day of one thing after another going wrong here at work.  Maybe that's why my vague little story ideas aren't coalescing into anything I'm interested in.  Maybe I'll feel like doing it later, while it's still Friday. But for now, I've decided to stop making myself anxious over it.

In other news, I just found something I'm rather madly in love with--365 Project.  It's perfect.  No, I don't need another project right now.  Yes, I'm doing it anyhow.  Why?  Because this project just fell into my lap and provides a means to add in several things I've been wanting all in one place. 

  • I've been wanting to do more photography
  • I've been wanting to make photography a (mostly) daily part of life
  • I've been wanting to build my own library of "stock" photos to use here and in my MuseCraft blog and in my MuseCraft News newsletter
  • I've been wanting to start some sort of daily, mindful practice

So, maybe I'm crazy.  Maybe I'm adding something when I shouldn't.  But I tried to be rational and talk myself out of this, and I really just want it too much to say, "no."  I'm adding in one more thing to my full, full life, and I'm wildly excited by it, and I know that means it's good! 


Miss Bitty said...

I did a project much like this several years ago that I called "Picture A Day". It was a lot of fun and gave me a daily ritual that maintained a sense of mindfulness in my day no matter what else was going on. You can see my pics here:

(Soon to be permanently relocated here, although I don't have the daily descriptions ported in yet):

Moe said...

I have wanted to do the same thing. I still haven't. I hope you have better luck. :D

Kim Switzer said...

Miss B: I'm noticing that I'm looking at a lot of things differently now, even after a few days. I looked at a few of your pics--can't wait to make time to look at all of them. This is a really fun project!

Moe: I'm really liking how this is pulling my attention to details. I think it's actually going to be beneficial to my writing as well as to my general creativity. I'll write more about how it's affecting me as I go along.

Merrilee said...

I always think, when something like this comes along, that it's time to re-evaluate our "busy" life, and cut out those things that don't contribute to our well-being.

Doing something creative and fun is so important, but we get lost in the "have-to's".

Your photography project sounds wonderful, and I'm sure you'll get a great deal of pleasure out of it :) And feeling happy is a great pain reducer!

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