Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Word

Someone, somewhere mentioned the site OneWord. It's really fun; you click the "go" button and a word pops up, and you have to write for 60 seconds using that word for a prompt.

I was feeling a little antsy a few minutes ago, so I decided to take a quick break from work and play with some words. My word was "suffocate." Here's what I wrote:

I opened my eyes, feeling the darkness trying to suffocate me as I struggled from beneath the blankets. The switch for the lamp escaped my fumbling fingers, and the water glass, nearly full, crashed to the hardwood floor as I finally managed to turn on the lamp.

Kind of fun. I think I see what happens next. Also, I think I've had that dream, complete with spilling the water (now I use a water bottle so no more spills). But when I woke up, the episode was over. Not so for my intrepid heroine. At least not if I decide to do something with that bit.

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