Thursday, October 02, 2008

What I'm doing this week

Mostly revisiting my fictional city of Greenvale, getting notes together so I can write a new Greenvale story. I had forgotten how much I like that place. I am really anxious to play there some more.

I just posted a new entry on Eric Maisel's "Creativity Central" blog. It's all about getting inspired by getting your butt in your chair and doing some work. It's really working for me right now. I highly recommend this method of inspiration!

I also mention in that post a book I'm reading this week. James Scott Bell's Revision & Self-editing. This is a great book--I'm definitely going to buy it to add to my writing shelf. I am feeling really motivated from reading it, even though I haven't gotten that far into it yet (had stop to work on things!). If you are a writer, I highly recommend checking this out. For that matter, I would recommend at least a brief look-through to any artist. There's a lot in there that's usable outside the writing field.

On that note, it's back to work for me. Greenvale, here I come!

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