Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Something old, something new

This is BIW week. I am plodding along. I plan to write several more pages tonight when I get home. I want to settle in and be comfortable with my writing. I am trying out writing the first draft on the computer—it’s working out okay so far. But I hear you asking “First draft?” Yes. I started a new story. I didn’t mean to, but something someone posted yesterday set me off. So far it doesn’t have a name. I’m calling it “The Irish Story,” and I think it might be some sort of romance. Paranormal romance, of course, but romance nonetheless. I find that I have two characters right from the start—Lizzie and Dale—and I’m sensing an attraction even though I’m only a few pages in. So maybe it’s time to finally try out that romance thing Megan has been prodding me about. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll maybe even see why it goes. I have no idea why this story popped up right now when I was getting all set to proceed with Blood of the Mist. Of course, that’s probably why the new story popped up. I think I have fear of completion issues. Probably because then I’ll have to do all the work of revising and rewriting, and I just am not sure that I know how to do it. At least not well. And if I finish the book, then I will have to actually examine the story to see if it is any good, see if it can be fixed up into something that is good…I think this is becoming a rehash of old issues. Still issues to be dealt with, but they’re old, and I don’t feel like dealing with them today. So I won’t! I’ll just start packing my things, getting ready to head home, and tonight I’ll write more of the Irish story and see what happens.

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