Thursday, January 31, 2008


January didn’t go quite as planned. Not terrible. Just not as planned. Repeated vet visits with the kitty (and another tomorrow, but we think we probably know what the problem is—inflammatory bowel disease, so something we can deal with), car needing repair, just a lot of “stuff.” But those are all excuses. I really just slacked off on all of my writing, even writing my blog. But here I am, back again, getting ready to start February’s BIW challenge. My goal for next week is 15 pages. And I’m not going to let myself get pulled in to the idea of writing a new short story or anything like that. I’m going to write 15 pages of Blood of the Mist.

I finally decided not to write a short story to turn in tomorrow for the Potlatch workshop. The more I tried to push myself to do it, the worse everything seemed to go. I really lost my focus for everything these past few weeks while I tried to put together a story idea that would fit into the word count specifications. So this year, for my first time, I’m just going to attend and check everything out. I will write a story and do the workshop next year when I know more about how things run. It feels a little like giving up, but I know this was a good decision. Now, I’m going to go organize a few things so I’ll be ready for the writing on Monday!

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