Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The holidays ate my brain!

It's like my own, personal B movie. I actually enjoy the holidays. I've cut out lots of shopping, arranged things so I can avoid crabby crowds of people, and really only do things I enjoy--making gifts and ornaments, baking, visiting with friends and family. All of this doesn't keep things from getting really busy the last couple of weeks of the year.

I am really ready to settle down to a good, solid writing routine. I am looking forward to the Book-in-a-Week group. If I get a week of solid, new writing done every month, then I can also schedule in some rewrites/editing and all of the other things that need to happen to launch a writing career.

This year:
I will finish my NaNo 2007 novel and submit it
I will enter and win NaNo 2008
I will complete and submit at least two short stories

I think that will make for a good year.

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