Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Missed it by a little bit

I didn’t write 2000 words last week. I should have realized that I had too much going on. It’s the holidays, plus friends of ours are getting married this weekend—a Regency wedding, so we’ve been making costumes. Anyhow, I did accomplish things. I wrote a few hundred words three different times during the week. I also got a bit of the planning for “A Gift of Crows” started. Not a lost week at all.

This week, more realistic goals. I will work on Blood of the Mist twice. I will do a character sheet for my MC for Crows. That’s it. That’s all there is reasonably time for, so there you have it.

Feeling better now…it’s good to set goals, but sometimes they aren’t realistic and won’t happen, I know. At least I did some writing. I’m going to my writers’ meeting tonight. This is good stuff, and there is forward momentum. And for this week, that’s enough.

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