Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catching up

Friday was such a wasted day. I never got any writing done. Then yesterday I was really stressing out about how to catch up. I wanted to try to catch up my word count by the end of next weekend. Then I decided that was dumb. So I did the math (sometimes math is my best friend) and realized that to make 50K by the end of the month I would only have to write 2200 words a day. That's really not that bad. So I decided that I'll just do that through the end of the month and make my word count that way rather than trying to catch up in a week. Yesterday I wrote 2303 words. My total is 8698. I'm feeling pretty good again. I'm going to go to my favorite coffee shop and write for a few hours this afternoon. I'll probably get in a couple of word wars before that, though, just to get a jump start on the day's words.

One difficulty I'm having--I really love my story idea, so I have to keep reminding myself not to get hung up on how good and special I want it to be. I just need to write. I need lots of words on the page so I have something to work with in the rewrite.

Now I'm getting more coffee and some breakfast, and then it's time to write!

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