Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gearing up

It’s time for making plans for NaNoWriMo. Only two more weeks until it starts! I had been fiddling off and on with the story idea I came up with in the Charles de Lint workshop, but it hasn’t been working out. I still want to write that story, but I haven’t spent enough time with it yet to know what I want from it. I was getting a little worried about having something for NaNo. Then yesterday, a line from a song gave me my idea for this year, and I'm off and running. Okay, I'm not off and running. I'm too tired for that. But I have some plans, and tomorrow I have a day off to sleep a lot and work on writing. So I'm about to be off and running. I’m really excited; this is one of those stories that doesn’t need a lot of “getting to know you” time before I can start writing. Tomorrow I have the day off, and I’m going to spend some of my time working on plans. Yay for November!

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