Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have my story idea. The basic idea. And it’s good, and I am happy with it. But I am not sure where I want it to start. How does she get into that situation? What’s the catalyst that sets things off? I don’t know that part. And I’m having trouble settling down today and writing or plotting or anything. It doesn’t help that I’m home, and the SciFi Channel is playing a mini-marathon of “Wolf Lake.” I only remembered to watch this show a few times when it was on, but it was really good. I enjoyed the episodes I saw, and I can’t seem to pass up watching right now. Of course, the fact that I’ve been exhausted for the past two weeks doesn’t help. I woke up when M left for work, and I didn’t manage to get back to sleep. And I really wanted and needed to get a lot of extra sleep, especially since Saturday I will have to get up early again to go to an event (and I must stop saying “yes” to things!). I downloaded two speeches on writing and storytelling from I am planning to work with those tomorrow afternoon at work and on the bus ride home. But I’d like to get something done today. But I just have no concentration. Probably from being tired. I should maybe just let myself veg for today, make that the plan. Plan to specifically *not* do anything. Maybe that rest with no pressure will release something. Maybe I will just read and watch TV for the rest of the day and pick up with everything fresh tomorrow. But it’s still frustrating. I had too many hopes and plans and visions of what I was going to do with my day off, and I put too much pressure on myself to get things done, and now I think I’m not going to accomplish anything at all. At least I can read about writing, though…

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