Thursday, September 06, 2007


Or maybe this is about not starting. Wanting to start, not quite knowing where, not quite being able to actually do it. I know what it is. I went through this last year when I came back to really writing after a long dry spell. I've been in a dry spell again, and now the pump needs to be primed. But I am hesitant. I'm letting doubts weigh me down and hold me back. How does this happen? Things were going so well last year, cruising along, and I told myself I would not go back to not writing. I get miserable and cranky when I'm not writing. I get angsty and depressed. So how did I let this happen? I guess it's the same way you fall off a diet or quit exercising. So hard to get the good habit started, so easy to let it slip away.

Anyhow, I do know how to fix this. I did it last year. The pump gets primed with words. Writing practice. Prompts and exercises from anywhere I find them. I have a few books to pick up at the library on Saturday. Thunder and Lighting from Natalie Goldberg and Steering the Craft from Ursula K. Le Guin. I have my notebook ready--not the perfect notebook I discovered last week, although I do have one of those on the way, but this one is a really perfectly sized spiral that's nearly finished. So, tomorrow I will pick a writing prompt, probably from Toasted Cheese, and I will write for 15 minutes. And so it begins...

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