Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh my god!

Today I learned how the screaming, fainting Beatles fans of the sixties felt. I really couldn’t understand it before. How could they get that worked up? But today—today I know. I found out that Charles de Lint, the most amazing, magical, brilliant writer I know of, is teaching a workshop next month in Seattle. And I was able to get a spot. I AM TAKING A WORKSHOP TAUGHT BY CHARLES DE LINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make it better, the workshop is on a Sunday. That Friday, he’s doing a book signing at Powell’s in Beaverton! I really am so excited I don’t know what to do with myself. At least I’m not close to hyperventilating any more.

I had planned to see him the following weekend at a convention called Foolscap that is taking place up in Washington (Bellview I think). He’s one of the speakers there this year. But the chance to take a workshop with only 15 spaces? Even better, so I spent the Foolscap money on the workshop (with Matthew’s “okay” since he was going to Foolscap with me).

I have to wait for my confirmation of registration until next week because the registrar is on vacation. I will probably be on pins and needles and difficult to get along with until then because I’m so worried that something will go wrong and my registration won’t go through properly and I’ll lose my space! Ack! I seriously need to calm down and breathe, but it’s hard. I’m sure everything will be fine and I’ll get to take the workshop and it’s going to be glorious. But until September 16, I may just be an hysterical fan girl.

Oh…warning to those who read more than one of my blogs. This is going to be wildly, indiscriminately crossposted.

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RenMeleon said...

ROFL B r e a t h e. hehe

Drop me an email at renmeleon[at]gmail[dot]com and I will send you a copy of a zine I did years ago; there are only about 20 or so copies of the zine in existence. I did an interview with Charles, he is a tremendously sweet individual.

Maybe you can take it with you and get him to sign it. hehe It has been years, so I am not sure he will remember me but you can tell him what happened and that I send him my best. Have fun! Post photos. hehe

By the way, I was Skadian for about 15 years; Barony of Darkwater, Kingdom of Trimaris. hehe Well met milady!

Ria :)

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