Friday, March 31, 2006

Dreams and seeds

This part has been really hard, this naming my dream. But I did it! The results:

My Dream:
To be happily prosperous from creative pursuits
To make my own schedule
To make my living as a writer
To build spiritual practices into my daily life
To nurture and strengthen my body
To deepen and strengthen my relationship and friendships

What would mly days look like? Wake up around 9, breakfast, exercise. Go into my studio, make the day's "to do" list, get started on writing. Work from around 10:30-4:30. At 4:30 tea and maybe a bit of TV or reading a magazine or novel, something to transition from work to not-work. Evenings--some evenings I'll go to classes or craft nights; a couple of nights a week will be for staying home together and working on art projects, knitting, needlework. Shower & put on pajamas around 9, then reading, meditating, etc. before bed.

I have no idea what "five times more" than this would look like. Bigger paying writing jobs? Or am I missing something?

Having my own schedule
Getting paid for writing and other creative endeavors

I don't know what else. I may have to work on refining this--all of it. But I think it's a good start.

Thanks to Heather, I just had a good idea for a list.

Dream Seeds I Will Plant:
A good sized plot of prosperity--enough for at least $50, 000 a year
Several rows of freelance writing success
Numerous clumps of creative writing pleasure, accomplishment, recognition, and success
A wide variety of pots of physical health, strenght, grace, beauty, comfort and pleasure
Window boxes filled with spirituality and inner peace
Fields of love, romance, and friendship

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