Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just Passing Through

It's time for a ROW80 check-in.  I haven't done a lot of writing since Wednesday, although I've been doing a lot of in-my-head planning for this week's story, but I still feel like I have a lot to say. 

It's been a very busy few days--homework, food shopping and cooking for a family gathering today, and then a day filled with pulling out old carpet and padding and laying down a new floor in my partner's mother's kitchen.  The family went in on this together and did this for her for her birthday, and she was so excited!  It was a fabulous thing to get to do for someone.  Lot's of work, and we're all pretty wiped out, but it's so great to know we did this.  Very satisfying work.

Anyhow, that writing thing.  I'm feeling like I'm starting to see something deeper in this 52 Stories challenge.  I am feeling like a writer again, my head full of story most of the time and words appearing regularly on the page.  And that feels incredible and was the purpose of starting this challenge.  But I am starting to see something more here, something akin to a spiritual practice.  I can feel the work taking me past my ego into the now of writing.  I can feel this leading me to learn so much about myself and my process.  There is so much good happening here even when it is worrisome and stressful.  This is going to be quite a trip.

Right now, though, I'm going to trip into bed.  It seems manual labor is tiring!  See you all later.


Charis Maloy said...

It's so cool that you guys were able to do that for her! I know that pulling up old carpet is an exhausting task. Rest well!

Eden Mabee said...

As exhausting as it sounds like your days have been, it sounds like you did a wonderful thing, Kim.

And reading your words about the joy you are finding in the #52Stories just warms me. Thank you!

Kim Switzer said...

Charis, it was so great! She was so excited, and the kitchen looks completely different now. She loves it, and we all get to feel really good about coming together as a family to make it happen.

Eden, it was wonderful--felt really good! I am glad my joy is spreading a little. I am so pleased by what I am learning from this challenge. :)

Barbara McDowell said...

Glad you are feeling like a writer again, Kim! Huge. Challenges are great for the constant immersion to get creative energy going again. Have a great rest of the week!

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