Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrapping Up the ROW, and a Winter Wish

Happy Solstice!  The year is winding down.  This round of ROW80 is at an end.  So much wrapping up, so much to look forward to.

I didn't hit 65K for my ROW80 goal.  I let the December slump combined with holiday chaos sidetrack me.  The difference is that this time I have writing friends to help me keep myself at least thinking about my story and my writing.  I've had some of those, "I am such a failure, I never finish anything, I'm hopeless" kinds of moments.  But this time I'm talking back to that voice and telling it exactly how I plan to finish this story.  This time things really do feel different.

Over the next little while as I wait for the first round of 2012, I'm going to do two things.  First, I'm going to finish my outline.  Second, I'm going to read as much fiction as I can stuff into my brain.  And when 2012 and the next ROW80 start, I am going to continue reading regularly to keep myself energized.

That's it for my ROW80 check-in.  Thank you to all my new writer friends for helping me move forward and stay excited about my writing. See you in 2012!

A Winter Wish

And now here's a little Wishcasting.  This week, Jamie asks us, "What is your winter wish?"

I wish for peaceful, quiet times for curling up with a blanket, some tea, and a good book in front of the fire.  I wish for calm and steadiness as I move forward with the things I want to do in my life without trying to do too much at once and getting overwhelmed and without putting things off for so long that they never get done.  I wish for cozy sweaters; thick, cushy socks; brightly colored mugs full of steaming cinnamon tea; frosted windows and starry nights; a home that offers me comfort and beauty and a haven for my dreams.

That's it for now.  I'll make some progress posts about my outline, and if you're really lucky, you'll get some holiday kitty pictures.

Until then, happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Oh, your winter wish sounds beautiful. May you find joy this season. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

Sharon Howard said...

I think you've done great this round and you wish sounds very relaxing and enjoyable - hope you get it! Enjoy the reading! See you in the next round! :)

amy kennedy said...

I can smell the cinnamon...
Yes, an outline -- something I'd like to get done before the start of the next ROW! Good luck and good wishing!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I always love reading your ROW80 check ins as well as your wishcasting posts. I love how real you are... inspires me to be the same!

Big hugs!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Good for you for talking back to your little depressive voice! I'm excited to join you in the next ROW80 :)

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