Friday, November 04, 2011

A Brief Excursion Away From NaNoLand

I remembered on Wednesday that I was supposed to be turning in a painting for the Audubon Society's Wild Arts Festival 6x6 project.  Today.  I'm just glad it's a small painting and that I remembered it before the actual due date.

Needless to say, my writing has been mostly on hiatus the past two days while I started and finished this little mixed media bird painting.  I call it "Listen."

"Listen"Mixed media: paper, acrylic paint, oil pastel, ink

And now that that's done (I'll be delivering it in a few hours), I can get back to the writing.  I had a burst of inspiration last night and plotted/sketched out several scenes, so today I am going to write 2,000 words, and all the work computers with viruses and random distractions around me are just going to have to step aside and leave me alone with my novel!

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Ælfswyđ said...

I *LOVE* it!

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