Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Artist's Way--Checking In

I'm a little behind
I have fallen so far behind...I have kept up with the daily pages, although I have missed some days.  I gave myself a sort of artist date last week by gathering art journal supplies, piling onto the bed with kitties, movies, snacks and my toys and playing for several hours.

I am not sure how much time I am going to have to put in to this work, but I still don't want to give up.  I can see the benefits from doing the journaling, so I can only think that doing all of the work will be even better.  Right now, though, I am dealing with having to make an unplanned, semi-emergency trip back home.  My mother has been back in the hospital for two weeks and they are getting ready to move her to a nursing home.  I don't know if that will be permanent.  Lots of decisions to be made, lots of research into facilities, lots of stress and anxiety and trying to figure out what I will do with all of her things if the nursing home has to be permanent... Right now I am getting overwhelmed very easily and can't find it in my head space to add in anything, even work like TAW that I want to be doing.

I have been doing some work on my novel planning, and I think part of the reason that has come back to me is because of the daily pages.  They help me see what's happening inside my head and address it, and I think that has opened my story to me again.  I'm really happy about that because I love the world I created for this story, and there's a comfort to being back there.

That's it for now.  Maybe next check-in I'll have a bit of progress to report.


Ginny said...

Actually Kim you have done alot of work. If the morning pages have brought you back to your novel that is wonderful. Take care of yourself while you are dealing with all of the decisions about your Mom. Good luck! I will be thinking of you.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Kim, do whatever you have to do. The morning pages are doing you good. Life is busy and you are doing your best. Keep it up.

hamilton savvy deals said...

An elephants tail! Tricky picture huh! lol

Anne said...

So sorry to hear about your mother. Please do take some time for yourself, too, in all of this.

I'm glad that the daily pages are helping you with your novel. That's great.

Hang in there and don't give up!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Funny picture to illustrate the post.
Wishing you calm and clarity through this emotional time. {big hugs}
As you say you are still with us and we´ll be with you. Keep up your pages. :)

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