Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plotting Along

I'm a writer.  I'm sure somewhere in the fine print it says that I get to make bad puns and plays on words.

Seriously, though, I am plotting right along.  Slowly, in and amongst other things going on in my world, but I am managing to return to my story on a regular basis.  And this isn't a frenzied, NaNoWriMo sort of immersion, either.  It's becoming part of what I do every week.  "This is what I do--I go to work, grocery shop, plan and cook dinners, work on my story."  It's nice, having my writing start to turn into one of my regular things.

Right now, I'm working on my major plot points and twists.  I've used Aristotle's Incline and the three act structure in the past.  Right now, I'm working with Dan Wells' 7-point System (you can get a Power Point presentation or watch a video presentation of it--both are linked from that page).  I'm liking this because it's helping me put a few more important things in place, but I'm still not getting so bogged down in planning that there's no story left to write.

My basic idea for the story is good.  A few of the things that I thought of and wrote down are still going to be in the story.  But I'm really starting this over from scratch, from the ground up, and that's exciting.  I think this time I know more about what this story needs, so I think I can make it good.  But not if I keep writing this blog post instead of working on the story, so I'm out of here.

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Loved the "from the ground up" image for your story.
I´ve added you to the Artist´s Way list. As you said, make it your own. :)

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