Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 52--All Your Weight

The theme for Week 2 of Project 52 is "illustrate a song."  I read that and thought, "I got nothin'."  Not one idea came to me for the first two days.  I thought I might just have to go off theme this week.  And then inspiration hit, and it was perfect!  I ended up with an idea that works for this project and my current BodyPages work, too. Bonus!

I ended up with a series of three photos illustrating Collective Soul's song "Heavy."
And all your weight it falls on me
It brings me down
And all your weight it falls on me
It falls on me


I have a complicated, angsty relationship with that old scale.  And yet I still sometimes feel the need to know my weight, so I keep the rusty, battered thing around.  Its ugliness is an unfortunately perfect complement to how I feel about my weight.  Maybe time to get a shiny new scale and a new outlook to match?


christa said...

Oh Kim! What a totally brilliant expression of something deeply important that your facing in your life. Greatb song, and incredible images of the scales. It took me a little while to realise what the photos were of!! But you really made me smile. A photo of the spanking , shiny new scales perhaps may not be so interesting, they won't have their own story to tell like these old ones do, but that story methinks is over now and there's something new going on and another place to set your feet upon.
Many best wishes for you Kim.

Kim Switzer said...

Thank you, Christa! I had a lot of fun manipulating the photos of the old scale, and now I feel as if I've acknowledged its place in my life and so I can let it go and move on to something that's a better fit.

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