Thursday, June 24, 2010

All Ya Gotta Do Is Ask

I have a strong belief in the power of focusing energy on something to make it happen.  It's why I participate in Wishcasting Wednesday.  I believe the collective energy focused on our wishes can help them become reality.  But on the same day?!

Yesterday, I was feeling very down about things.  I was in a lot of pain, and with no insurance to pay for medical visits, I was feeling really out of luck.  And then we went to dinner for a friend's birthday, and I met a massage therapist (J).

We were all joking around, and he was pretending to try to get on M's (my boyfriend) good side so he could eat his food.  He gave me a playful two minute shoulder massage to get me on his side so I would help him.  And a knot I've had continuing problems with in my neck for several years disappeared.  The chiropractor didn't manage that after several visits!

So, I talked to J a bit about my chronic pain issues, specifically the foot/ankle/leg issues that are causing the most trouble.  And he says he thinks he can help.  He's definitely willing to try.  And we're going to do a barter, so no insurance or money worries. Wow!

On top of that, I had a tip about getting acupuncture (for the energy issues) at a lower cost, and it looks like I can probably use the health savings plan I *do* have to pay for it.

I am so excited!  I can't believe I have to sit here at this desk and do my work.  I want to run around and celebrate! I am imagining my life that is to come--and soon now, maybe!  I am imagining feeling rested and pain free.  Having energy. I am imagining going home after work and going for walks.  I'm imagining weekends walking around downtown and then going home and having energy to go out to dinner or do some painting or both!  I'm imagining walking to the top of Multnomah Falls.  I am imagining a life!

And look--to help me celebrate, I found this confetti fish on stock.xchng (where I get many of my cool pics): 


Jo said...

Aww your colourful fish reminds me of the kids book "The rainbow fish"... not sure whether you will have heart of it, but its a tale of a fish who gives away its beautiful scales but subsequently finds love and friendship. This story seems apt somehow as you here you are sharing what's real and precious.... thank you.

It seems that all your wishing on Wednesday worked wonders if today you found someone who may be able to help you achieve them. Woohoo!!

Persistant, chronic pain is no joke... it is soooo exhausting and cuts us adrift from life. I dearly hope and pray that soon you will be well again and have the energy to pursue all that is laid on your heart and soul.

Much love to you, dear friend

Kim Switzer said...


Thank you so much! It's really comforting and powerful to know that someone is listening with a caring heart.


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