Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Day Two

447 words today. I fell a bit short of my 500 word goal for the day, but it's been crazy and hectic and full of interruptions over here, so I'm just going to be glad I got some writing done at all.

I also started putting my Think Sideways course printouts into a big three ring binder so I can have everything organized and in one place for my planned read through of the course. Did I mention that here? I am going to read it all and then go back and do the actual steps. This plan works much better with the way my brain works. So, I am glad to be started on the organizing part so I can do the reading part.

And now, since I can tell that last sentence was barely coherent, I am going to put myself to bed. I've been exhausted all day. I think I'll just give in to it.


Phiala said...

402. And my brain just turned itself off in the middle of a scene. Oh well. This work thing is interfering with my ability to get stuff done!

Phiala said...

400 more, finishing a scene.

Hey look, reporting in does make me write more. Not gobs, but more than I probably would have done otherwise.

Kim Switzer said...

Those darned pesky dayjobs! Mine has been making my brain tired this week, too.

Excellent progress on the wordcount. I am trying to figure out how to do my reporting because I realized that I need a little more work on my plot points before I'm actually ready to get the writing done. But I'm working steadily (well, this whole week, but that's something), so I'm pretty happy with my progress. And now I'm rambling, so I'm going to bed. :)

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