Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Room of My Own!

Back from my week off. The Great Purge was a huge success! My studio actually has a floor. And places to sit! And a fabulous, newly painted bright cherry red bookcase (photo coming soon, really) that is quite thrilling. I had planned to go with a slightly darker red, but they didn’t have enough of that color at the store. I really wanted to get the bookcase painted that day, and I didn’t have time or energy to try another store, so I decided that glossy Cherry Red was okay. I figured if it was really too bright, I could put a coat of something more subdued over it to tone it down. I was pretty sure I was going to have to do that, actually. And then it turned out that glossy Cherry Red was just the perfect color! I love it. It perks everything up and makes me happy when I look at it.

I also got a very nice wooden craft cart (photo of this also coming soon). It has a hanging file drawer at the bottom and six shallow drawers. Three of them have dividers creating little cubby squares in the drawers so they will easily hold and organize small things like rubber stamps and little items that tend to roll around and get lost easily. The cart also has a nice top with a rim, so it’s the perfect place for the paper cutter and hole punch. I can use them right on top of it without worrying about them slipping over the side.

There are several things still to be done in there. M is going to build me some bookcases to go in there, and he’s going to put a knickknack shelf near the ceiling to hold my cute little cottages and other decorative bits. I am also planning to get this great laptop stand to act as a portable writing table for when I’m not at the computer. And I am going to get a rug of some sort, but I haven’t picked one out yet, and good speakers for the computer so I can have music. Oh! And possibly my favorite bit of writerly stuff—M is going to make a framed board that will have wire strung across it so I can clip maps and pictures and story related visuals to it (think photographer hanging prints in a darkroom to get an idea of what we have in mind); I can have a whole wall of images that are specific to whatever story I’m working on at any given moment. It’s going to be so very cool!

So yeah, still plenty to do in there. But even without all of these finishing touches, the energy in there is fantastic. It’s a delightful, appealing place now and just wants me to go in there to sit and read and write and daydream. It is going to be a fabulous place to work and to play and to create.

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Laura said...

It all sounds wonderful--it's such a great space! I hope someday I get an area fixed up cozy and inspiring, too.

Let me know when you start decorating your window because I have a pretty thing to contribute. :)

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