Tuesday, May 06, 2008


As a writer, I suppose I really only need paper and something to write with. But on a deeper level, I need so much more! Right now, I’m working on honing my techniques, so I am examining my tools and considering what else I might want to add to my kit.

The most important thing I use is my Circa notebook. I use it for all of my writing, not just my novel writing. I love that I can move pages around the way you can with a three-ring binder while still being able to flip the cover around as if it’s a spiral-bound notebook. It’s the most perfect notebook I’ve found so far.

Of course, after the notebook comes the writing instrument. Okay, instruments. I love pens (and notebooks and folders and office supplies). I love them a lot. So, for writing by hand I use a few choice tools.

My basic, inexpensive pen of choice is the Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity pen. It’s really nice to hold, writes smoothly, and if I lose one it’s easily replaceable, so this is the pen I carry in all of my bags.

For journaling, I love to use gel pens (especially sparkly ones!) in a rainbow of colors. I also really enjoy fountain pens, although lately I haven’t been using them very often. But now that I mention it, I think I’ll stop and pick up one of the Varsity disposables I like so much.

At home, I also like to use a Sensa pen and am thinking of getting a few more. They are simply beautiful to write with and to look at. They are stylish and sleek, come in glorious colors and patterns, and the gel grip is fabulous for those of us who can’t stop strangling our pens.

But, writer cannot live by Circa and pens alone. Or at least this writer can’t. For creating electronic versions of my work, I use three different computers and a flash drive (I like to work in different locations—what can I say?). But I’m considering supplementing my writer’s toolbox with a few new goodies.

First on the list of potential new love objects is the HP iPAQ 110 Classic Handheld. A laptop is too bulky and heavy for me to consider it easily portable in all situations, but with this little beauty I get all of the benefits of a laptop in a package smaller than a paperback!

I can use it with a portable keyboard to work on my writing. I can connect to the Internet at any WiFi hotspot. I can carry a pile of eBooks for reading on planes or anwhere space is at a premium. And the battery life is way better than a laptop’s.

I’m also thinking of getting a digital voice recorder. I am constantly having great ideas in situations where I can’t get to pen and paper (the shower, the freeway, the kitchen with my hands in the meatloaf mix). One of these, set to record when I start talking, seems like it would be highly useful. And they’re so sleek and high-tech looking!

I haven’t yet figured out what sort of system or gadget will help me organize my planning, something that will let me have the loose bits of papers, notes, pictures, maps, etc. I like but still keep them organized and all in one, portable package. I’ll keep working on it and let you know when I figure it out.

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